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Dispute resolution methods acknowledge, embrace and solve conflict that everyday people deal with in specific ways (mediation, collaborative law, divorce coaching, facilitation, etc.). Conflict/Friction is a natural, and inevitable occurrence, but handled correctly, it can promote growth and healing. As a Dispute Resolution Professional (or Specialist), my job is to help my clients navigate conflict with swiftness, ease, and clarity whether it’s family, work, business, or any other dispute that can happen.

Uroboros Mediations
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Work through conflict with our mediation services and support.

At Uroboros Mediations, we bring professionalism and extensive procedural and judicial knowledge to every case, adapting to our client’s varying concerns and needs. Our mission is to provide affordable mediation services to everyday people in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, helping them effectively resolve disputes outside of the court system.


Work with a third-party mediator to resolve your dispute. As professional mediators, we can oversee this process and help you work towards a resolution.

Collaborative Neutral Facilitation

The collaborative process lets you and an opposing party work together to come to a resolution. As a neutral facilitator, my presence can ensure organization, productivity, and efficiency during the Collaborative Law conferences, and support outside the proceedings.

Divorce Coaching

Receive emotional, social, philosophical, and strategic guidance during your divorce, so you can move into this new phase of your life swiftly, clearly, and confidently.



For business and organizations, we can consult to design dispute resolution systems and processes to ensure progress and positive evolution for your employers, business contacts, and corporate culture.



Interested learning about dispute resolution, mediations, and other methods? We do speaking engagements, podcasts, broadcasts, interviews, and more.

Mediation Services

We provide collaborative, compassionate mediation services to help you find the solution you need in the most efficient way possible.

Family Mediation Services

Our mission is to provide affordable family mediation services to everyday people.

Family Mediation Services, Charlotte, NC

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution solutions center on specialized and general mediation, collaborative law facilitation, and divorce coaching.

Why Choose Us?

As a dispute resolution company, our core services include family mediation services (especially in regard to financial issues), LGBTQ+ conflict resolution, divorce coaching, and general mediation. Whether you are heading for divorce or dealing with a business dispute, employment issue, or landlord-tenant conflict, mediation may be just what you need to handle the problem.


Solve your dispute on your terms and on your timeline with our guidance and support.



We can start your first session within a week of when you decide to go the mediation route.



We will work with both sides of the dispute to come to an effective, fair resolution.

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Before you head to the courthouse, consider mediation to help you resolve your dispute with an employer, a loved one, a spouse, or another party. To schedule a mediation session or learn more about what our mediation firm offers, contact us today.