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Resolve your dispute with a collaborative facilitator.

Collaborative neutral facilitation offers a higher level of support in domestic or civil collaborative law process. The Collaborative Law process is another alternative to litigation, where attorneys, parties, financial professionals, coaches, and other participants will work together to devise a highly customized agreement. It’s the closest method to a dispute resolution system. One of the benefits of working with a collaborative neutral facilitator in your Collaborative Law case is that you can stay out of court and still receive a formal structure for solving divorce-related issues or other disputes with a team of professionals.

Collaborative Neutral Facilitation in Charlotte, North Carolina

A collaborative neutral facilitator is a special professional who will work on your collaborative team. They will be engaged from the start of your collaborative case and attend all joint meetings. They will also meet with both parties individually or together at certain times between joint meetings, helping both parties work toward a resolution and intervening if communication becomes difficult.

If you would like to stay out of court but still solve your dispute in a more formal setting, collaborative neutral facilitation may be the right option for you. Contact us at Uroboros Mediations to talk about your dispute. We can provide our unbiased opinion about whether this method of dispute resolution is a good fit for your situation.

We provide collaborative neutral facilitation services in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We have helped many couples, businesses, families, and other individuals solve their disputes while remaining out of the court system. This approach is generally efficient, and it can help preserve meaningful familial, working, and business relationships. We strongly believe in the collaborative model, and we will refer any potential clients to expert, collaboratively trained attorneys if they want to engage in the process.

If you have any questions about collaborative neutral facilitation, please contact us. We are your source for information and support during the collaborative process. If you want to use Salim as a Collaborative Neutral Facilitator, check Miles Mediation Booking Page for available dates.