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Let us provide support during your divorce.

Just because you are getting a divorce does not mean this process has to be adversarial and difficult. You and your spouse can work through issues effectively with the support of a neutral third-party mediator, or help you navigate obstacles with a divorce coach. By hiring a Divorce Coach, we can help you preserve your co-parenting relationships, develop your divorce team, decide whether litigation, mediation, or collaborative law would be the option for you, help become a credible client, reduce tension, and work through issues quickly and according to your preferred schedule. The power of divorce & relationship coaching can help clients find the answers to their dilemmas within themselves.

Divorce & Relationship Coaching in Charlotte, North Carolina

At Uroboros Mediations, we help individuals and couples solve divorcing issues in Charlotte, NC, and beyond.
Here is a closer look at the approach we take when assisting couples to work through divorce disputes:
  • We help clients get organized about what their specific goals are in the divorce and how to achieve them.
  • We can refer clients to expert professionals in Finance, Legal, Housing & Construction, Health & Wellness, and other industries to assist them in reaching their goals.
  • We can be a confidante, a strategist, and a cheerleader to bolster optimism and hope that clients can succeed and build a better life.
  • We will help clients process the challenging emotions that can haunt and confuse them during a divorce to trigger a shift to a heightened level of excitement, enthusiasm, and assurance despite adversity.
  • We will provide you with tools to help you and your spouse reach balanced agreements while improving effective communication and minimizing unnecessary conflict.
  • Help you focus on the business of divorce.

Helping you or you and your spouse find clarity and closure is an essential part of this process. Even if you believe your case will end up in court, having a divorce coach deliberate the issues at the start can help you gain headway and develop a strong foundation for what is to come. Divorce & relationship coaching can lead to fairly amicable separation to divorce, or a possible reconciliation.

We can tell you more about why divorce & relationship coaching is a beneficial service during the divorce process. Contact us now to set up your consultation with us.


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