Divorce Mediations, Charlotte, NC

Proceed with your Divorce & Separation Needs through Mediations

Divorce Disputes in Charlotte, North CarolinaYour family is our priority at Uroboros Mediations. Divorce can be a tumultuous, emotional period of your life as you transition from being married to single life. Many divorce disputes can arise over parenting time, child custody, property division, spousal support, and other issues as you work toward dissolving your marriage. Many people in the Charlotte, North Carolina area do not realize that you do not have to take your case to court to solve these disputes.

Mediation is a viable, effective option for settling divorce disputes after you and your spouse decide to separate. During every mediation session, you and your spouse will sit down and talk with our trained, neutral mediator to discuss and resolve the issues surrounding your divorce. Your mediator does not make legal decisions or offer legal advice – they simply mediate the conversation to help you and your spouse make decisions to move your divorce forward.

Solving your divorce disputes through mediation gives you the flexibility to agree that is what’s best for your family. This process can also save you money, reduce the length of time to finalize your divorce, help you preserve the co-parenting relationship you have with your spouse, and provide more scheduling accessibility.

Successful mediation can make the rest of the divorce process more straightforward. For more information about how mediation works and if it can benefit you during your upcoming divorce, please contact our office today. If you want to book a mediation, please use Salim’s Miles Mediation Booking Page.