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Opt for us in Mediation before and during Litigation

If you are involved in a dispute with another party and cannot make a breakthrough when it comes to resolving the problem and facilitating communication, you may wonder if the next step is to take your issue to court. You may be already in the court system and will need to choose a mediator to conduct your mandatory mediation. Although this is the natural progression of events for some, we want you to explore other options for dispute resolution at Uroboros Mediations.

General Mediations in Charlotte, North Carolina

We facilitate general mediations in Charlotte, North Carolina. Before you head to the courthouse, come and talk to us. Whether you are involved in an employment issue, business dispute, or landlord-tenant and housing conflict, mediation may be a helpful way to handle your problem, whether it is court-ordered in State or Federal Court or pre-suit. We can act as a neutral third party and help you and the other party come to a compromise that benefits everyone involved.

We bring extensive procedural and judicial knowledge to every case, and we adapt our mediation approach to our clients’ individual needs and concerns. Our core mission is to provide low-cost mediation services to everyday people, so they can effectively resolve their disputes and stay out of court.

You can book a 15-minute consultation with us to learn more about general mediations and if this form of dispute resolution is right for you. We will explain the mediation process to you in further detail during this meeting and give you more information about what to expect. To set up your consultation or to learn more about general mediations, contact us today. If you want to book a mediation, please use Salim’s Miles Mediation Booking Page.