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Don’t Let a Deal or Partnership Sour When Mediation Promote a of Balance Of Power

The product you purchased is not functioning as advertised, or maybe the contract you came into with another party is not being appropriately honored. Whatever situation you land in, whether from a business-to-business or business-to-client perspective, there is always the possibility of mediating before a lawsuit.

Business & Contractual Disputes in Charlotte, North Carolina

We conduct pre-suit and court-ordered mediations at Uroboros Mediations and expedite the process of resolution. In business, discrepancies and issues can arise in a number of ways, and we have dealt with hundreds of transactions, helping both parties present their arguments and come to a resolution that benefits all sides.

We help clients, business owners, employees, and others involved in business & contractual disputes throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Business & contractual disputes often arise after one party acts outside of the expectation, and financial or reputational loss occurs as a result.

When we work through business & contractual disputes, we maintain our position as a neutral third party. Our role during mediation is to facilitate the conversation, help you and the opposing party listen to different points of view, and oversee the creation of an agreement that represents each party’s interests.

Move your dispute in the right direction by choosing mediation before you head to the courthouse. For additional information about resolving business & contractual disputes through mediation, or to set up your initial conversation, reach out to us today. If you want to book a mediation, please use Salim’s Miles Mediation Booking Page.