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Dealing Unique Family Conflicts? We Can Assist.

Family is the foundation of society. We replicate the family unit with friends, in the workplace, and in communities. Sometimes conflict within your family can become emotionally charged. You may feel a fundamental difference of values with your spouse that leads you to end your marriage, your child come out as transgender and would like to transition immediately, or you have a major dispute about your mother’s long-term care and what to do about a family plot with your siblings. You are the most vulnerable with your family members, so it is natural that disputes within these relationships can become tense and emotional. These problems can quickly escalate, but there is a better way to address these disputes through an effective, non-contentious form of dispute resolution called mediation.

Family and Divorce Mediations in Charlotte, North Carolina

Are you dealing with a familial issue? Do you or your spouse want to get a divorce? Turn to us at Uroboros Mediations. We handle family and divorce mediations in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and we are here to introduce you to an alternative option for resolving your disputes.

For family issues, we can oversee the mediation process as a neutral third party. We will ask each side to come together to express their needs and brainstorm possible solutions until we have narrowed down to the best solution to eliminate the argument. As the mediator, we will help facilitate the conversation in a productive, unbiased, and impartial manner. The mediator takes no one’s side; we stand for compromise. We will bring everyone together for divorce mediations and help you reach a mutually agreed solution regarding Child Custody, Child Support, Property Division, Alimony, Eldercare, Wills, Trusts & Estates, LGBT+ familial disputes, Assistive Reproductive Mediations, like Surrogacy or Adoptions, and other family-related issues.

Choosing family and divorce mediations over another form of dispute resolution can help you preserve relationships and solve the dispute faster than if you took the problem to court. Mediation is also more flexible, and you can resolve your disagreement according to your timeline instead of a court’s schedule.

We can tell you more about family and divorce mediations and why you should explore this form of dispute resolution whether you have an ongoing court case or haven’t filed one yet. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation. If you want to book a mediation, please use Salim’s Miles Mediation Booking Page.