Salim is very responsible and respectful. Anytime I reached out to him by phone or email requesting immediate assistance I always got a call back very quickly even if he had no information to provide I at least was given a status which is very important to me. He is always very knowledgeable on the procedures that need to be done to properly execute even the utmost urgent tasks. I am very thankful to have someone like Salim to assist me in keeping my client’s cases moving forward as quickly as possible.

Salim is an even-tempered person, far more mild-mannered than I would expect in his field and he has never broken client confidence with me or anyone I know. He genuinely cares for his clients and understands that mediation is the best route for any conflict. I prefer to refer all available child custody matters to him for that reason alone. I know that when I refer someone to Salim that they are ensured quality work at an accessible rate.

Attorney & Founder, C.W. Lachey Law, PLLC

Salim exemplifies the attributes desired in mediators today. Salim is tenacious and therefore will not give up until he finds a solution to the problem. Salim excels in fostering positive relationships, which is essential in building trust during any mediation. Salim also seeks to understand a situation by listening first instead of acting, which is crucial to self-determination in a mediation.

Attorney, Soni Brendle, PLLC

I was introduced to Salim and his company, Uroboros Mediations, through an attorney I know well. I have been able to get to know him even more through various professional relationships. Salim is the type of person who makes things better when he gets involved. He has a heart for caring for people the right way, coupled with the professional skills to provide the proper direction. His network of personal and professional contacts speaks volumes about the person he is and the type of character that he possesses. If Salim is involved and helping you, I have no doubt you will be moving in the right direction, in a positive way!

Certified Residential Specialist, TriStone Group

Salim is a valuable resource to anyone that utilizes his services. Stemming from the unique position of working in the courthouse, he personally witnessed how a case is handled from filing to final order with all the tricky steps and requirements in between. He then took this unique knowledge and underwent extensive training to gain the expertise he has today. Beyond his credentials though, Salim honestly cares for every member of our community and will always prioritize doing what is right.

Attorney & Founder, Modern Legal